Tuesday, February 2, 2010

More Warmaster Progress

I'm still plugging away on my Warmaster reclamation project - an Empire army that I found in the basement. I've just finished a unit of Knights, the artillery and the characters. The pace is slower than I thought, as the "touching up" has turned into "re-painting" but it is still a lot of fun.
Knights - before...

and after...

Some artillery for the Empire battle line - a detachment of two cannons, and the always-fun Hellblaster volley gun.

The important bits for running any Warmaster army - the characters to boss the units around. Sorry - this picture is a bit lame because of the lighting, but hopefully the models show up OK. There is a the Count on his Griffon, a general (with his feet kicked up - I love that model), two hero bases and a wizard.

The character models and artillery were the "easy pickings" on this project - now I have to get back to the meat and potatoes core units, the Halberdiers and Crossbowmen (you need two of each as a minimum in the Empire contingent). I'm hoping this army can be ready for a fight by the end of February.

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