Thursday, February 11, 2010

Eldar Additions

(Click on the photos for larger images.)

Finished the Vyper Jetbike squadron and another Fire Dragon. Now I can field the army whose list I previously posted.

The basic Vyper conversion makes a sleeker looking single-seat bike.

I chopped the two other bike bodies down to make the pair of unmanned drones. The final shading was done with GW's glazes.

Below, I tried to match the new Fire Dragon in green armour to the other 9 Dragon Aspect Warrior models already in the army. It mostly matches - the highlight and shadow has a little more contrast in the new figure.

To the right in the photo above is the RT-era Fire Dragon Exarch I painted a long time ago. The banner is by Brian. The Exarch in black armour has 88 red gems on it, all highlighted, shadowed, and with white catch points. I'm never doing that again.

Below, here's a better shot of my Autarch on a jetbike. Mostly, I field this HQ for their Master Strategist skill, and to die heroically.

I'm looking forward to fielding this latest incarnation of the Swordwind.

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Dallas said...

Looks great, Dave -- I resized your pics.