Saturday, January 25, 2020

Painting Challenge Submission 7 - The Winter WW2 Germans Keep Coming

28mm German late-war infantry from Warlord Games.
More winter WW2 Germans? Yes - sorry everyone, but I'm trying to focus a bit to take a big bite out of this project.  So yes - even more 28mm WW2 Germans in Winter kit.  As with my other entries from this project to Curt's Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge, these are metal castings from Warlord Games' "Bolt Action" range. I'm in a "winter" state of mind, and the recent local conditions in Winnipeg are helping keep things that way.  This was from the past weekend...

It's January in Winnipeg, after all...
Certainly the winter weather helps inspire to paint these winter-themed figures. This is one of those "something I've always wanted to do projects" so I'm keen to rip through it and get a force big enough for a game sometime soon - certainly before the snow melts.

The Red River, frozen solid behind my house...

The back yard, buried in snow :)
These specific figures are slightly different from the others - these are meant to represent SS troops, hence the adjustment in the winter look.  While there are some white pants and helmets, there are a different assortment of coats and anoraks.  There are also some attempts at German camouflage peeking out from under the winter gear.

The odd cammo pattern peaking out here and there.
View from behind showing assorted kit.

LMG crew trying to get the MG-42 ready for action.
German WW2 cammo is a very intimidating subject, particularly in the context of the Challenge where so many of the participants can paint camouflage so well. Not only was it complex, but German camouflage is the sort of topic that you understand less the more you try to study it. There were so many different types of patterns, spread across so many different types of kit.  Different coats, different cuts, M41 this, M43 makes me nuts.  The Germans apparently had reversible camouflage garbage mittens! This group of figures is like a Mountain Equipment Co-Op with guns - studying up about it makes me a bit mental, and I'm never sure I like the results...but there is only one way to improve, that is to practice, so here we are!

They look glossy in spite of the use of a matte varnish.  Is there any matte varnish out that actually dries matte?
Another view of the riflemen.
For the most part I left the camouflage mostly underneath - on the odd pant leg or helmet cover. The jackets (M41 or M43 or whatever) were issued in grey and tan (but...not white?) so I used a mix of both on the coats. But I did attempt to copy the so-called "Italian" camouflage for the NCO's coat. This is a pattern referenced in the box - I tried to research it but gave up after web searches surfaced a number of contradictory references.

NCO in the middle - square base - sporting "Italian" camouflage (at least, according to the Warlord box...)
I'm perplexed by how often I see photos/miniatures/colour drawings of German troops mixing white-washed helmets and white coats with some of their fancy camouflage.  Would you still wear the "autumn leaf" pattern (or whatever) with snow on the ground? Maybe...woods and forested areas still have lots of brown, even once the snow starts falling? Whatever, this NCO is wearing the camo-edition of his coat, snow-be-dammed.

The pose for the LMG team is a bit disappointing. What is it with sculptors and their determination to sculpt LMG teams in odd poses? At least this group sort-of-looks-like they are trying to get the weapon into action.

LMG crew.

One of their comrades seems to be saying - "hey, maybe use that ***ing MG42?"
Quite a few in this bunch are sporting the later-war STG44 assault rifles, and between these and the panzerfaust launchers overall the weapon loads exude a distinctly late-war vibe to them.  That's OK with me - I like to game the late-war very much, but I'm going to get some more rifle armed figures just to dampen out the number of assault rifles.

Is that guy on the right struggling with the panzerfaust?
The guy on the left looks a little extra-hard-core with the bandaged eye.
One casting is kind of odd - he looks like he is holding the panzerfaust like maybe he is getting ready to use it? The pose is looks less like he is going to fire it at a tank or hardpoint, and more like he is getting ready to sneak up on one of his buddies and prank him with it...given the power of that warhead, I can see the prank going wrong...

"Group photo" of the 28mm Winter WW2 project to date...
Here is a "group photo" of progress on this project so far - about 37 castings, not bad, but they need to be rounded out with some other bits.  Hopefully that will follow soon. Thanks for visiting and for looking!


Bluewillow said...

fabulous additions to the collection, keep them coming I say!


Dallas said...

Nice work on the plethora of winter dudes, dude :-)

Wouter said...

Very different weather from here in South Australia ­čśü.
Superb additions to your force!

Reese Crawford said...

Beautiful figures! Experiencing some of that same weather here.