Monday, January 20, 2020

Painting After Midnight: Midlam Miniatures and Warlord Dredd Lawmaster Bike

I had a medical test last week that required me to be "sleep-deprived". And while I consider myself to be generally sleep-deprived most of the time anyway, this had some very specific parameters. So I ended up staying up all night the day before the test.

I figured that I might as well put the time to use, so in addition to watching some PVR'd TV and DVDs that had been languishing, I pulled out some miniatures to paint.

These two are from Midlam Miniatures and date back to the old Metal Magic range sculpted by Josef Ochmann and others back in the late-'80s and early '90s. I really like these models as they are well-detailed, characterful, and importantly, represent many of the fantasy tropes from the time that I'm really fond of.

This is Ochmann's C1038F "Minotaur Lord". It's a one-piece casting and is HUGE - you see how it he towers over the skeleton (C1036K "Skeleton with Great Sword"). Great detail on these as well.

Yesterday afternoon I had some painting time, so I tackled the Lawmaster bike from Warlord's new Judge Dredd: I am the Law! miniatures game. (The Judge is one from the old Mongoose range that I painted some years ago).

The model comes in four pieces - chassis front, chassis rear, and the two handlebars. Quality of the cast was very good, except for the handlebars. They came on a sprue that was heavily flashed, and the unusual soft resin in which they're cast is a bit difficult to clean.

The bike comes in a clamshell blister with Judge Dredd models, foot and mounted. Unfortunately my blister pack was missing the legs from the mounted Dredd, so I couldn't paint those along with the bike. I have a bunch of Judges already from the old Mongoose line and they are comparable in size to Warlord's, albeit cast in (superior) white metal. I really dig the new Lawmaster bike (it is autonomous as well, in the new ruleset) and am looking forward to getting it out in a game.


Greg B said...

Great work Dallas. That is a classic fantasy figure, very cool.

Might need to fire up the murder hobos soon for a dungeon crawl...not that this beast would fit too well in the dungeon...

Dallas said...

Thanks - a dungeon crawl soon would be a great idea!

Simon Quinton said...

Nice work!