Thursday, June 12, 2014

WW2 Chain of Command Platoons in 15mm and some 28mm Ruins

I have been on a bit of a Chain of Command kick lately, having built up a whole lot of 15mm terrain and now needing some proper forces to fight over it.

Last time out with Chain of Command we used Greg's awesome Germans, but I felt I needed to get in gear and paint some of my own up. 

A German Rifle platoon, made up of a commander,
3 sections and a separate machine gun.

Each section has a rifle team made up of 6 men, a machine gun team of 3 men, and a junior leader. 
This section also shows the platoon commander with them.
Also, since I have been working on some Stalingrad terrain, I thought I should do up a Russian platoon as well, so that the Germans will have someone to fight once the terrain is done.

The Russian platoon only has LMG's in each section, and therefore less firepower than the German section. 
Even worse they do not come with a support squad for the section.

Each section consists of a junior leader, 7 riflemen, and the LMG with 2 crew.  Unlike many other nations
though, the Russian sections are not made up of teams and must stick together.
So, now I three 15mm platoons based up for Chain of Command (my Canadians and these two).  I need to get some support elements built for each of them now.

Also completed in the last few weeks are some 28mm ruined buildings for use with my WW1 forces for Through the Mud and the Blood.  While I picked them up long ago, I never got around to painting them until now.  I cut some bases for these our of MDF added some sand and rubble and got to work.  These buildings are a plastic set made for Bolt Action, and while meant for WW1 or WW2 games, they really can be used for just about anything.

The set can make between 3 and 6 buildings.  I chose to make 1 larger and 4 smaller ruins.

Based on cut MDF sheets these should stand up for a long while.  I did the outer area to match my Canadian basing for WW1, and the inner area in a different brown and grey to make it distinct from the outer area.


Simon Quinton said...

Those are excellent looking ruins. The command platoons look great!

Greg B said...

Great work Byron. Looking forward to getting those figures blooded in a Chain of Command game!

MurdocK said...

Well done on the ruins, visually dense yet not overwhelming.

Dallas said...

Great figures and ruins... do the bases lock together jigsaw-style?

Byron said...

No they don't Dallas, I just made patterns that would fit the basic shape and added 10mm all around and then laser cut them. I have a spare set of bases if any of our crew needs (meaning anyone that hasn't based theirs yet, if they are like me and have had them sit in a box for years).

Kevin Holland said...

Very nice, Byron! Any plans to cut some MDF ruins/buildings for 15mm now? I should probably get some of those specially shaped bases from you for mounting my 15mm figures also.

Bartek Zynda said...

They looks great! You need more heavy weapons now!

Curt C said...

Fabulous work Byron!