Tuesday, June 17, 2014

15mm IDF Mechanized Infantry Platoon

IDF Mechanized Platoon - figures from Battlefront
 As part of the preparation for the Yom Kippur War game at Prairiecon this year I had finished some IDF M3 half tracks.  Now there are some infantry to go along with them - this is an IDF mechanized platoon from Battlefront for their "Fate Of A Nation" supplement to Flames of War.

Each squad of two bases has their own M3
Decent sculpts from Battlefront
All of the 15mm Yom Kippur War gaming we have been doing uses individually based infantry. I don't play Flames of War very much - maybe once or twice a year - but since they came out with "Fate Of A Nation" I have been wanting to try it out.  These mechanized infantry will serve as a support platoon for the IDF tank company.

Would work for '73 as well as '67 in my view

The Battlefront models are pretty nice. The platoon includes troops equipped with FN-FALs, Uzi SMGs, FN-MAG LMGs, a couple of bazooka teams and a light (50mm) mortar team. I think these would work for 1973 as well as 1967 without too much trouble.

Most of the troops carry FN-FAL rifles, with a sprinkling of Uzis

Khurasan offers IDF mech infantry for 1973, but the kit is almost identical.  Given the choice, I would recommend the Khurasan figures over the Battlefront ones, although the Battlefront pack comes with all of the bases you would need as well.

Two FN-MAG teams are also an option to upgrade the platoon
The IDF force-org chart for "Fate Of A Nation" only allows for one of these platoons to be attached to the tank company, so I expect an IDF player will have to be a little cautious using them, as it seems the Egyptian/UAR player can get two whole companies of infantry into their force.  This seems appropriate - elite mechanized troops that need to be used with care by the commander in order to have the greatest effect.
Command & weapons group - mortar and two bazooka teams
Between these guys and the M51 Shermans I have already painted, I basically have a 1200-or-so point IDF tank company for "Fate Of A Nation".  I'm not sure what point total an "average" FOW game would be, but since it is mostly tanks, I guess it would go pretty fast. And as mentioned above, these will work fine for a Flames of War game set in the Yom Kippur War as well.

Ready for action on the table
 Stay tuned for more 15mm Arab-Israeli stuff from the painting table...


Don M said...

They do look the part...great job!

Kevin Holland said...

Looks great, as usual, Greg!

Hope we get to see them in action some time soon.

Phil said...

Most impressive!

Stanley Martens said...

Outstanding grunts, nicely painted and based.