Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum Visit

A couple of weeks ago Jen and I made the 2 1/2 hour drive out to Brandon for PrairieCon, where I played in the fun games put on by fellow Conscripts Greg and Dallas. Saturday evening we were joined by Kim, Byron, Anne and Chris at my favourite Brandon watering hole/restaurant, The Dock on Princess. Yum!

On Sunday, Jen and I went to the Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum, located by the Brandon airport. We'd been meaning to go for some time, and this was a great opportunity. During World War Two the British  Commonwealth Air Training Plan trained 131,533 Allied pilots and aircrew at 231 locations all across Canada. Brandon was a major centre for this effort.

There are several dioramas at the museum depicting day to day operations...

Camera Roll-776

Camera Roll-777

Camera Roll-778

Camera Roll-779

Camera Roll-780

Camera Roll-781

...including prohibited activities such as stunt flying!

Camera Roll-782

There were uniforms on display...

Camera Roll-783

...including this heated flying suit that looks like teddy bear pajamas!

Camera Roll-784

There were some exhibits regarding women's role in the war effort.

Camera Roll-785

Camera Roll-786

Camera Roll-821

Camera Roll-822

The heart of the collection are the many aircraft located in the hanger portion of the building, some of which are illustrated below.

Camera Roll-820

Camera Roll-789

Camera Roll-790

The father of our friend Samantha trained as an air gunner in a Bristol Bolingbroke (a license built copy of the Blenheim bomber), but the war ended before he was posted overseas.

Camera Roll-804

Camera Roll-805

Camera Roll-812

Camera Roll-802

Camera Roll-809

Camera Roll-808

Camera Roll-813

Camera Roll-814

There were interesting exhibits such as CO2 based firefighting equipment...

Camera Roll-816

...and war booty seized from the Japanese.

Camera Roll-819

The museum is in the midst of restoring several aircraft, including a Hawker Hurricane.

Camera Roll-795

Camera Roll-797

Camera Roll-799

Camera Roll-800

The Fairey Battle in the workshop is interesting. There exist no plans, but the museum is working with a museum in Australia who are undertaking a similar project. Note both the R/C model (which the pile of junk behind it will eventually look like)...

Camera Roll-823

...and the more detailed model fuselage covered in pencil marks.

Camera Roll-824

The memorial of the fallen will be completed in the fall of 2014.

Camera Roll-788

I urge anyone in the neighbourhood to drop by, and to consider making a donation to the Memorial Project.


paulalba said...

What a great museum Dave! Would love to see the hurricane complete!

Admiral Drax said...

Just brilliant - thanks for sharing!

I've always been a fan of the link trainer in particular, and I'd never heard of the Bolingbroke before (although I did pick it out as a Blenheim!)