Monday, June 23, 2014

More Egyptian 15mm Mech Infantry for "Fate Of A Nation"

Another Egyptian mechanized infantry platoon for "Fate Of A Nation"
Here is a second platoon of mechanized infantry for Battlefront's "Fate Of A Nation" supplement to their Flames of War rules.  The figures are all 15mm size and from Battlefront. This platoon joins one painted earlier in late May.

AK-47 teams for the Egyptians - and in the background you can see the wonky bumper on one of the BTR-152s...I figured they got handled a little roughly, so I thought it would be neat to have one that looked a touch like a jalopy...

The platoon contains six AK-47 assault rifle teams and a bazooka team. The BTR-152s are an optional upgrade for them.  Once again, the models from Battlefront are very nice overall, but I wish better care had been taken with the packaging, as the sides of the BTRs lost chunks of resin and had to be either glued back in or just dressed up as battle damage/neglect.

The BTR-152s are nice models, but the resin sides are brittle as sh*t and often break in the package - watch for that if you are ever considering a purchase yourself!

Consistent with their approach to Soviet-trained/organized forces on the tabletop, Battlefront sets the individual Egyptian force elements out in company strength. So these two platoons are now awaiting their command and support elements to round out the force.

Another view of the bazooka team and BTRs

The two platoons - so far comprising 14 infantry stands and four vehicles - still take only a single solitary spot on the Egyptian force org chart for "Fate Of A Nation", and it's not even a core one at that! To scrape together 1200 or so points worth of stuff I'll need to add many tanks to the force - I assume this is what many Russian collectors go through when trying to get together a force for Flame of War?

Pile of Egyptians finished...more to come...

Still more Egyptian stuff to least I hope so, it probably won't be long until my painting focus wanders on to something else...


Phil said...

Very nice work, love the vehicles!

Moiterei_1984 said...

Awesome looking stuff once again!