Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Game This Week

Well, our intentions this week have been a bit obvious, but still, here is the formal notice - this week we will be playing classic Rogue Trader 40k, "The Battle At The Farm".  The scenario will pit Pedro Cantor and his small band of suriving Crimson Fists against Thrugg Bullneck's Ork patrol.

Order of battle for Thursday night's game...
The game will kick off a mini-campaign of linked Rogue Trader games set in the battle for Rynn's World.  Will Pedro Cantor and his survivors take out the Orks before they raise the alarm? Or will Thrugg, Hruk and the boyz stomp on this final mini-pocket of Crimson Fists en route to victory on Rynn's World?  Come by on Thursday night to find out!


DaveV said...

Looking forward to it.

I am also trying to finish some Crimson Fists Terminators this weekend. The Crusade Company needs to have some representation in the Marine slaughter-fest that is the battle for Rynn's world!

MrLee said...

Love the old school vibe going here.. and hope that the Orks deny the Marines any chance of hope or victory!

Will be watching this one closely..

Lead Legion said...

I'm alos looking forward to this one. My first game of 40K was played using my plastic space marines and a bunch of paper counters for orks.

Allan and Carmen said...

Talk about bringing back great memories!

My first miniatures game was played using the Cardboard counters from Rogue Trader and playing the battle at the farm.

I am very glad for the "retro" games posts :-)