Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Thrugg Bullneck's Space Ork Raiders

Inspired by Conscript Greg B.'s excellent Crimson Fists post, here's some pics of Thrugg Bullneck's Space Ork Raiders getting ready for the Rynn's World "Battle at the Farm" mini-campaign.

Thrugg (right) with Hruk, trusted squad leader and right-hand Ork, with Hruk's squad behind him.
First squad of five Boyz.
Second squad.

Third squad.
Looking forward to the game on Thursday, should be a classic!


Wes said...

I love'em!!! I was forced to sell off my old Ork boyz, and wish I never had.

Great looking bunch.

Jay said...

Orks with shades...cool! Nice job.

Greg B said...

Great stuff dude - looking forward to the game this week.

Old school!

Conrad Kinch said...

Very nice work chief - I recently got my paws on some. I was wondering did your box come with painting instructions? I was hoping to try and replicate the original look.