Sunday, April 15, 2012

Battle for Rynn's World - Game 2 Battle Report

Rynn's World Planetary Defence Force Company 6 
On Thursday evening we played the second game in our "Battle for Rynn's World" mini-campaign commemorating the 25th anniversary of the publication of Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader. In the first game, the "Battle at the Farm", Thrugg Bullneck's Space Ork Raiders were repulsed by Captain Pedro Cantor's Crimson Fist Space Marines. The victory was not without cost, however - among the Space Marine casualties was Captain Cantor himself!

The second episode of the campaign involves a seriously wounded Captain Cantor and some surviving Marines attempting a link-up with local militia and elements of an Imperial Guard force, on the outskirts of New Rynn City.
Cantor's surviving Space Marines and Imperial Guard Assault Squad
Space Ork force

Cantor and his Marines move on to the table from the south edge, their objective being for Cantor to leave the table from the north edge by the end of turn 8. Some Orks start on-table, as well as the militia squad; the rest of the forces arrive in escalating fashion.
Orks deployed in the cover of some craters

Keeping a careful watch for Cantor...

PDF militia deployed in the outskirts of the city

Cantor and his men move on-table...

As Cantor and his men moved onto the table, the IG Assault Squad arrived from reserve to challenge the Orks, already whittled down a bit from shooting by the militia.
Very impressive Assault Squad - note plasma guns!

IG Sentinels - the infamous "eggs on legs" - also arrived from the northern table edge...
...accompanied by a massive Predator tank!
The Guardsmen boldly deployed surrounding the Ork-held crater, peppering its occupants with surprising deadly laspistol fire...

Ork Super-Attack Onslaughter Dreadnoughts arrived from reserve, one deploying from the middle of the eastern table edge, the other at the northern part of it to challenge the Marines.

Predator and militia moved out to meet Cantor and friends, who had made it about halfway across the table before being shot up by the Orks. As they sheltered, hidden, in a wood, the Assault Squad moved towards their position...

...only to be confronted by the Dreadnought and some surviving Boyz who caused a few casualties.
The second Ork Dreadnought roasted the remnants of the Marine squad to the south

Mention must be made of IG Lieutenant "Mad Phil" McMadd, who single-handedly killed or routed the entire Ork command squad. First he charged the Ork carrying a flamer - Ork missed, was killed with a chainsword. rest of the squad failed morale and fled. Then he charged the Ork with the missile launcher - was hit with a krak missile but his copy of the "Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer" he kept in his breast pocket evidently deflected the missile - no wound. Command squad fled again... and kept running... put that man in for a promotion!
Meantime the Ork Dread scuffled in the woods with the Eggs.

Cantor running as fast as his tri-bladder can carry him... but time is running out...
"Die, ork scum!!!"

The sweet smell of barbecuing Grot...

End of the line for Pedro - "missed it by that much"... The Pedro-philes in the crowd are disappointed by the Captain missing his escape by mere millimeters... I think we would have called the game an Ork win...
"OK, so boxcars on a Ld check is good, right?" for the horrifying incompetence of the Ork commander, [name redacted]. After seeing the rest of his squad carved up by a chainsword-wielding maniac, he decided that wild-eyed panic was the better part of valour and fled, never to be heard from again.

Another great game of RT from the mind of Conscript Greg B.! Thanks to Greg for running the charts and bringing out his stunning marines and Guard, and to Conscripts Mike A., Mike F., Kevin, Dave V., and Brian for coming out! We'll pick up the thread again in a couple of weeks... after Thrugg Bullneck's visit to the local Bad Doc for some cybernetic augmentation...?


Ray Rousell said...

Poor grot, being barbecued!! Wonder how he tasted??

Lead Legion said...

A really enjoyable game report. All the more so because of the unexpect performance of the IG lieutenant. That;s the sort of game that creates local gaming legends, like ym infamous Necromunda Orlock, Captain Shotgun (never missed a shot in 15 games, till he came to a bad end at the hands of a multi-melta wielding Escher) and Sargeant Powerfist, my Black Legion chaos marnine sgt who ate powerful enemy characters for breakfast repeatedly.

Please don't laugh at the names too much. I was only twelve at the time.

Lead Legion said...

Laugh at the names? I should be more worried about folks laughing at my spelling. :P

Kevin H said...

Great game, Dallas! Really glad I made it out for that one. These "story line" games are a lot more fun (to me, anyway) than just bashing figures around. Looking forward to Round 3!

Jay said...

Nice Job, Sir. BTW is the boiler-looking-thingy scratchbuilt! If so, great job; if not, still looks cool.

Weird WWII said...

Great report as usual!


The Angry Lurker said...

Brilliant batrep and great old school miniatures.....

Wes said...

Loved it loved it loved it.
Please keep this going.


M. C. Monkey-Dew said...

Splendid! Faboo looking game.

Kevin H said...

@ Jay - the "boiler thingy" is from Armorcast - the "Liquid Storage Tank" here:

Add soda can to resin pieces, prime and paint!

Neil Scott said...

Great game, brought back fond memories of fighting a Rynns world campaign 20 odd years ago

JoshTheGreat89 said...

I will honor Lt Phillip McMadd by adding "Mad Phil" to my Rynnsguard. I am converting a Sly Marbo to honor this mad lad! Thank you for the inspiration.

JoshTheGreat89 said...

8 years later...
In the wake of Indomitus Crusade's victory on Rynn's World over Prince Rhaxor and his Burning Legions of Khorne. The unkempt and seemingly unhinged Captain Phillip "Mad Phil" McMadd regales his guardsmen of the story of his triumph alongside Pedro Kantor.
"There I was on the outskirts of New Rynn City, my troops stood on guard, eyes peeled to the south, awaiting the arrival of the injured but unbroken Pedro Kantor. Fresh from his grim victory over Thrugg Bullneck at the Battle of Jadeberry Farm."
McMadd looks across his awestruck audience and turns his back.
"From the darkness ahead of us, hulking shadows lurked into a nearby crater. Suddenly the crack and bark of thick slugs from Ork guns shot past our heads. Before I could think, I led the charge to surround the crater to surround the xeno filth"
In a quick motion, McMadd draws his chainsword, revving it to the astonishment of the gathered troops.
"My men rallied to me, and once we surrounded the crater, before the filth could charge to meet us, they died eagerly to the deadly glory of our laspistols."
He points a thumb and forefinger at a trooper and feigns blasting the trooper between the eyes.
"As we pressed forward to meet Master Kantor, a great cacophony of grinding gears arose among us, it had slain several of our valiant brotherhood, before we realized what the xenos had unleashed... Onslaughter Dreadnoughts!"
McMadd stomps a foot as a guardswoman squeals in fear. He grins in knowing anticipation.
"As my brothers-in-arms dealt with the foe, I sighted a greater menace, the vile entourage of the Ork Warboss. I charged blind with rage at the heathens, matching their fury with the roar of my Chainsword. Their flame-bearer missed me with his puny blaze, and he met his end at the end of my blade. The cowards fled before me, and I charged upon their missile-carrier who attempted to end me with a makeshift missile, but to no avail."
"This! Is what saved me!"
He lifts on high a roughly torn tome with a bold, silver Aquila.
"The Imperial Infantryman's Handbook! The crude projectile reflected off of its noble surface, and incinerated a nearby Jadeberry tree. Sparing my life and allowing me to meet the foul Ork with the Emperor's vengeance for our once-broken World."
The gathered guardsmen cheer and lift toasts to him. McMadd continues, his voice just above a whisper but gathering in volume.
"As the rest of the foul Ork posse fled my rage, I was granted clarity as I stood among the foul stinking refuse of my slaughter. I realized that the Ork was but a beast, bested by the strength of Man when need and survival dictated. Much like Rynn's World survived the Orkish onslaught, Mankind shall survive the Xenos threats abroad."
As Mad Phil continued his ramblings, the last of his guardsmen grow tired of the madman's rantings and scurry off to their nests in one of the hundred Ork skulls decorating the wall of the New Rynn City hab-unit. The rodents poke out their heads and watch him hoist his silent, rusted chainsword above his head triumphantly.
Suddenly, as if summoned from the Warp, a loud knock on the metal door of the hab. Mad Phil scrambles over to press his ear to the door. He cautiously thumbs the vox panel alongside the door. "Who's there?"
"Captain" The deep voice of an Emperor's Astartes booms in response. "Master Kantor requests your presence at the Citadel." The voice pauses, almost sensing Mad Phil's rising anxiety. "He has use for your... talents. We have Orks to purge."
A galaxy-splitting grin fills the Guard Captain's face.