Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hasslefree Miniatures Space Elf


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As readers of the blog can easily guess, I am heavily into space elves. However, such pointy-eared freaks are not limited to Games Workshop. Hasslefree Miniatures has a very nice one in their 28mm scale line: HFS001 Ieuan.

The sculptor, Kev White, sculpts with great skill, having a very good sense of anatomy and stance. This figure radiates a real sense of power.

After cleaning up the figure, I added a plastic gem to its chest, cut from a GW Dire Avenger accessory, and I modified the stance slightly to take into account the slightly sloping resin base I got from Dragon Forge Design's Lost Empires line. I pinned the fig to the base using brass rod into the left leg.

The figure was primed black, and zenithal highlights were airbrushed in with flat white.

The face, gemstone and bio-weapon were undercoated in various acrylics and layered in thin glazes of artists' oil paints. The figure's face has a lot of character, and oils allow me to bring that out.


The hair and bodysuit/armour received multiple layers of Citadel washes. The white of the zenithal highlighting really shines through, making areas like the shoulders and calves pop.



The base also received Citadel washes. As with all my figs, I added some felt to the bottom of the base.



I am using the figure as a Fire Dragon Exarch armed with a Dragon's Breath Flamer. It is not usable in "official" Games Workshop events, but that may be less of an issue now in North America, since GW is no longer supporting their Tournament Circuit nor the 'Ard Boyz tournament series.

(From what I hear on the grapevine, Ed Spettigue is gone from GW. He was the organizer of these events. I had a great time at last year's Throne of Skulls torunament in Las Vegas, NV. It was well organized, and we players were treated very well, what with the included meals, open bar in the gaming hall, and the like. The biggest hobby events, like Adepticon, are all run now as independents.)

I've already used the figure in one game. Contrary to my usual experience, this newly painted fig survived the battle!

In addition to Hasslefree, there's several other companies making figures that are eminently usable in Warhammer and Warhammer 40K games. Examples include Raging Heroes, Scibor Miniatures, Avatars of War, and Chapter House Studios. They offer unique alternatives for heroes or specialists, or to fill gaps when GW doesn't manufacture a model for a unit listed in their codices.

For these photos I used an OPTEX Portable Studio and Lighting Kit, the same make and model that Conscript Dallas purchased awhile ago. I reccommend it highly.


Colonel Kane said...

Kev White, not Kev Adams :-)

MIK said...

I've always liked this fig, nice to see it painted up so well. That bio-weapon is too cool. I wish HFree added more of these as I believe this is the only sculpt?

Lead Legion said...

That;s a really nice miniature. How on earth did I miss that?

Greg B said...

Wow - I clearly need one of these OPTEX things - where did you get them again?

Also, very nice work as always Dave!

DaveV said...

Andy, I don't know what I was thinking; I edited the post accordingly. Thanks!

Mik, this is indeed the only sculpt in that line. I shall be emailing HF to request that Kev do more. Maybe a female figure?

Lead Legion, HF has so many nice models. I just ordered some figures from them that will stand in very well for Motoko Kusunagi & Batou (Ghost in the Shell), Selene (Underworld), and Buffy the Vampire Slayer...

Greg, thanks. I got the lighting kit from London Drugs at St. Vital Mall. For a pharmacy/drug store, they have a very extensive photography section, with knowledgable and friendly staff.

Curt said...

Beautiful work, Dave!


Dallas said...

Nice work Dave! Kev was among the "celebrities" that I was able to meet at Salute and he's a really nice guy in addition to being a very talented sculptor.

DaveV said...

Curt and Dallas, thanks!

Did you meet Kev`s wife, too? So many of the figs are modeled after her.

Dallas said...

Yes, she was there too (wearing a t-shirt reading "Mrs H") and the next time I see you I will tell you a very short story about that.