Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hey Krylon - Get Bent - It's Not Me, It's You

Victrix 28mm plastic Austrians all f*cked up courtesy of Krylon black spray

Late last year I ran into a little problem with some Krylon primer while working on a plastic model kit - a GW Predator tank.  I was quite angry, and vented on the blog.  Readers provided a number of helpful tips to avoid future repeats - clean the sprues first, make sure you don't spray in the cold etc.  All very sensible.

Many, many years ago, I used to use Krylon seal on my models, until it wrecked a set of painted figs. I have never gone back (it's Dullcote or GW 'Purity Seal' for me now).  But the Krylon black spray, with its elegant fan-style spray and much-less-awful odour, seemed like a real treat.  While I categorically refuse to use Krylon seal to this day, I figured there was no reason to avoid the black undercoat.

Then the incident with the Predator happened - probably a fluke, right?

Well, it happened again, this time with some Victrix 28mm plastic Austrians.  I cleaned the sprues, I sprayed indoors, so temperature wasn't an issue. And it still f*cked up the figures.  So I figured it was a bum can. I switched to a second, brand new can.  Cleaned the sprues. Sprayed indoors, so temperature would not be an issue, etc. etc. SAME THING - the photo above is the result.

So just a short post to Krylon - it's not me, it's you. Get bent!

I now remember why I refuse to touch your products. And I recommend to anyone else that extreme caution be exercised when using Krylon spray on plastic models.

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Unknown said...

I only use Krylon on terrain, that way if it goes screwey it becomes "weathering".