Wednesday, January 11, 2012

15mm Sci-Fi - Khurasan Corporate Marines and Pilot from 15mm co - Single Bases

15mm Khurasan Marine test models - the fellow in the middle has a heavy blaster
First up, sorry about the crummy photos.  I tried to lighten them up etc. but it just wasn't working.  All the same, one last post on the 15mm single-based sci-fi efforts.  Khurasan makes some "Corporate Marines", which will make a good OPFOR to the "Red Faction" (on top of the sinister Control Battalion).  I painted a few test models, and here are a couple of pictures.

Rear shot of the Khurasan marines
These figures are gorgeuous - the look of the armour, and weapons, is very sleek and high-tech without looking silly/too Eldar.

Since the picture didn't really turn out (I swear, it seems fine on the camera), I can tell you the colours are intended to be muted grey, with a dark-OD-style green for the weapons, and a little splash of colour.  I used GW paints on the armour - Shadow Grey, with Codex Grey and Fortress Grey highlights.  The gun was Dark Angels Green as a base, then Catachan Green, with Americana'a "Avocado" for a final highlight.  The fig was then washed with the ubiquitous GW Devlan Mud (love that stuff).

Like all Khurasan figures, the quality of these models is second-to-none.  I look forward to rounding out these token test models into a small platoon.  Khurasan also has some cool APCs and a large war droid/combat robot to support the marines.  The APCs look great (watch for some of those on this blog in the future).  The robot is interesting, but I may try other things if I ever want to provide something that large for these guys at some point.

15mm pilot from - ready to serve as an objective
Finally, as a scenario-objective figure, I painted a pilot. This is a figure from  They have an interesting variety of 15mm sci-fi figures - check them out.  The quality of the casting is solid, and they have some really neat sculpts to choose from.

I went with the pilot from the Starfighter Crew as I thought the first time these 15mm guys get a run, we will probably try Tomorrow's War, and that starter scenario with the downed pilot.  Pilots make great objectives - always getting into trouble, and forcing real soldiers to get involved...


Jay said...

Very nicely painted. I really like the khaki color trousers on the pilot.

Dangerous Brian said...

Really nicely done Greg