Saturday, January 7, 2012

Eureka US Infantry in MOPP Suits

Also from a recent game, here are some new models fresh from the painting table... 28mm US Infantry in MOPP ("Mission Oriented Protective Posture") suits from Eureka. I got these models for my birthday this year and they are a great foil for the Chemical Commies. The Blackawk helo in the background is a model/toy from Unimax that was a fortuitous impulse purchase at a toy store years ago!

The models are sculpted by Kosta Herastinides, one of my favorite sculptors, and are very characterful as well as being nicely animated and well equipped with M16s, M203s, an M72 and even a Stinger missile.

Although theuy painted up very quickly, I'm not completely happy with the Woodland camo paint job on the helmets. Hopefully, Eureka will come out with heavy weapons and specialists so I can practice further... are you listening, Eureka??

The same models also come as variants without helmets, which will be great to serve double duty as generic post-Apocalyptic warriors or an anti-zombie unit.

These models are my first entry in Fawcett founder Curt's painting competition, running at his blog. The models are worth 5 points each in the competition, but we have some way to go as the top painter on the leaderboard has painted the equivalent of over 240 28mm figures since December 20... which is impressive to say the least... and they are beautiful figures with top-notch groundwork too. Check them out at Analogue Hobbies!


Curt said...

They look the business deployed next to that Pave Low. Great work!

Greg B said...

Great stuff Dallas. WW3 beckons...