Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thursday Game - Air War over Korea

Dave O. is bringing out his 1/144 MiGs and Sabres for some sweet Korean War aerial action
Boris looked out the canopy at the great, vast desolation that lay below him. Since his deployment to Korea he had yet to see any REAL action. How was he supposed to serve Mother Russia by killing Americanskis if he never saw any?

Just then, out of the corner of his eye, Boris caught the faint glimmer of F-84s far below... Ah, little fish, Boris thought, our first catch of the day.... "Flight lead to flight, we have Thuds below at 15, 3 kilometers ahead. Let's show these cowboys how the bear bites!" Boris nosed the MiG-15 into a dive, letting loose the fury of his twin 23mm and 37mm guns as the F-84s filled his sights. He could see the rounds strike the canopy of an F-84, splattering American Apple Pie all over the cockpit.

Boris called to his wingman, "Your turn Alexei, show our Korean friends how it's done!" As Alexei's MiG rolled into a screaming dive, a yell came over the radio - "SABRE, SABRE, SABRE!" Boris grinned to himself... "now we will see what the Americanskis can do."

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