Monday, February 16, 2009

Completed Space Panther

The arms race continues, and Gün Schwarm now has some armoured support to help in the battle against FutureKom. On Saturday I completed a conversion of a Solido 1/50 scale Panther. Yesterday, I managed to finish painting it, along with a few more grunts. Photos are below.

For colours, I used GW Snakebite leather as a base, then applied GW Desert Yellow. After that, I gave it a coat of Devlan Mud GW wash. Once that was dry, I applied more GW Desert Yellow, and dry-brushed with GW Bubonic Brown. I used various browns to weather the tracks and road wheels, and dry-brushed some black in some places to try and capture exhaust effects and other things that ruin the paint. I painted some of the vision slits with either green or red "glass" highlights.

Following Dallas' example, I placed some rust splotches in different spots using GW Boltgun Metal and GW Terracotta Brown.

The decals were courtesy of Dallas - thanks much dude!

The Panther Ausf. W-2050 is now ready for action. I hope to complete one more of these for the force, but that will have to wait until more tank sprues arrive from GW, so for now, it's back to painting regular troops, and getting their IFVs built. I'm also working on a wonder-waffen for the Gün Schwarm as well. Watch for more in this space.

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Dallas said...

Very nice work! Look out for FutureKom "jabos"!