Wednesday, March 27, 2013

28mm Madhist Cavalry and Infantry Command

Madhists ready to fight the crusaders!
Some more castings from the Perry Twins.  They were oh-so close to being done in time for the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge, but you what they say about where "close" counts :)  I must still be jacked up from the Challenge, however, because I keep saying to myself "hey, this would have been another 60 points!".

Madhist leader

Flags from TVAG
These are Madhist command figures - one set of cavalry leaders and two sets of infantry command.  Each set contains one leader, one musician and one standard bearer.

Beja warriors bearing inspiring messages of the prophet - or not, I can't read the script, so who knows what it says?

The flags are from The Virtual Armchair General.  Learning from previous experience I dispensed with the pewter staffs for the flags and went with steel rods instead.  These flags are not going to bend.

Large flag for the leaders of the Baggara horsemen

Baggara Emir will lead the Madhist cavalry
These guys will contribute to further Madhist mayhem on the table in games of either Black Powder or LOTR-type skirmish gaming.


The Angry Lurker said...

A damn nice 60 points Greg:P

Ian said...

These continue your theme of great painted figures. Your doing better than me post challenge as I just have 17 points done. However I have done eight buildings so don't feel to bad


James Brewerton said...

more great Sudan figures for me to drool over dam you
Peace James

Curt said...

A cracking 60 points Sir! More 'Food for Powder' for the Gatling...

Carlo said...

These are very well done. Beautiful figures expertly painted.