Friday, March 22, 2013

Colonial Sudan - 28mm British Medical Team

28mm British Sudan medical vignette from Perry Miniatures
Here is the last of the posts highlighting my Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge submissions - a 28mm British Medical team from the Sudan, once again from the Perry Miniatures range.

Wounded fellow being tended to by orderly
Dallas brought me these as a gift from his trip to Salute in 2012.  I feel like it is good gaming karma to paint figures that are gifts, especially ones that travelled all the way from Salute! 

Stretcher bearers carry a wounded trooper
The team consists of a doctor, a two-man stretcher team bearing a wounded soldier, and another wounded fellow being tended on the ground by an orderly. You also get a little box with some medical tools on top.  I split the models into three pieces - the Doctor on his own, the stretcher bearers on one base and the other wounded fellow and orderly on the larger round base, together with the box of tools.

Poor guy...just imagine the thirst and the heat while traveling across the Sudan...
Being wounded in any war must be miserable, but in the Sudan was particularly daunting.  The wounded were carried along with the columns, enduring the punishing heat, the pain and every single bump along the way, hoping and waiting for a chance to be evacuated by steamer along the Nile, or to a hospital ship off Suakin.  If they held on.  These Perry sculpts capture that sense beautifully.

The Doc supervising things
I plan to use these figures as accents for the Sudan gaming tables, adding character to a camp scene, or the inside of a brigade square.  A big thank you to Dallas for these guys - sorry it took me so long to get to them...


DeanM said...

Very cool additions. Nice work on the casualty. Best, Dean

Simon Quinton said...

Very nicely done, really like them.

Curt said...

Beautiful work Man!

DaveV said...

Nice work, Greg.

I always like seeing non-combatant models on the table (even for games like Warhammer 40K). They help set the scene for the scenario.