Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ships shipped

Lately on Kijiji I found an ad for a bunch of 1/2400 warships. I asked the owner to send me a list and at first glance it seemed quite substantial, so I made an offer. But when the box arrived, I felt its weight and I knew the content was going to be awesome.

There is enough WW1 ships to make the Home Fleet and the High Seas Fleet. There is also a good core of pre-dreadnought ships to have a downsized battle of Tsushima. The rest is made of WW2 battleships and there are some 1/1200 ships as well.

Here is a "sub-box" full of C-in-C goodies. Some of the ships are in pure lead.

For comparison, here are side by side a 1/2400 battleship, a 1/1200 sail ship (74 guns) and a 1/1200 battleship (Lion). It's just mind boggling how big warships have become with time.

But before I start playing with my new ships, I have to finish my little Russians. Better get at it.


Lasgunpacker said...

That CnC box alone is pretty amazing... great find, and I am looking forward to seeing the fruits of this.

Dallas said...

Jeez Sylvain... you are getting to be the king of used wargaming bargains... watch out, Sean! ;-)

DaveV said...

Very interesting.

I had looked at doing some Russo-Japanese fleet actions using Battlefleet 1900:

What rules are you considering using?

Curt said...

Great find, Sylvain. I'm going to hire you as my personal shopper...

Sylvain said...

Dave, for WW1 and WW2 I'm happy with General Quarters. I've never considered a pre-dreadnought fleet before, so thanks for the link.