Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dragoons Finished

The "Black Powder Challenge" has another completed unit.

I have finally finished my first unit of 25/28mm Napoleonic Cavalary - a Regiment of Austrian Dragoons. These are the 5th Dragoons, a Moravian Regiment, with green facings. The figures are all Foundry castings, a 24-figure unit suitable for our "grand manner" style of gaming. This is the first unit of cavalry I have ever painted for 25/28mm Napoleonics, and I have to say I am very pleased to have it under the belt! I started these back in early March, so to me this feels like pretty slow going. A whole month on the same unit is like an eternity for someone with my lack of focus.

This leaves me with one final unit left for the roster I committed to last July - a Hussar Regiment. The Hussars have a very flashy uniform - shako, pelisse, sabretache. Getting 24 of them ready will take a bit of time for sure, but the end for this project is in sight!


Curt said...

Greg, those look the business. Brilliant job! Looking forward to seeing your hussars - which regiment have you decided to go with?

Greg B said...

I'm going to try the 10th Hussars - they had a sky blue/turquoise pelisse and green shakos, with yellow lace etc. Picked up "Hawk Turquoise" from the GW store today.

Curt said...

Great colours for Hussars - the more garish the better!