Saturday, March 7, 2009

What happens at Painting Nite...

... gets posted to the Blog!

Greg B., Brian and Mike F. were out for painting night on Thursday.

So to shame those who did not show up, here's a couple photos of what got painted.
Greg painted half-a-dozen of his excellent GünSchwarm models and made progress on several others, including basecoating a vehicle for them.
I worked on a bunch'o'zombies for a long-overdue commission.
I also took a break from the zacks and painted a few TAG terrorists. Almost there, just have to finish the flesh and weapons, and add a few highlights.


MFraser said...

I didn't have a picture to post, but I painted some excellent 1:1 scale duct work that night (before I went over to the painting frenzy).

Greg B said...

That's still more than Cam painted.

Cam - where were you????