Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Thursday game - "The Devil's Cauldron"

This week we will be playing 6mm WW2 using Spearhead CR, my slightly modified (no maps!) version of Arty Contliffe's excellent divisional WW2 rules. The game will be based on a scenario "The Devil's Cauldron" from the Spearhead supplement "Where the Iron Crosses Grow".

"No problem gents - it's just a Guards Tank Brigade - everyone climb aboard..."

West of the Dnieper River, March, 1944 - Marshal Koniev’s 2nd Ukranian Front has broken through the German lines (again), trapping a number of Wehrmacht formations and creating a series of “Kesselschlatchen” – “cauldron battles” – where trapped units fight to escape and Russian forces rush to block them.

One “kessel” includes Schwere Panzer Regiment Bake, a formidable “fire brigade” which had been holding the line while other units fell back. As the Russian spearheads bite deep, Regiment Bake must now cut a path through the Soviet lines for itself and the remnants of the 361st infantry division. This is one prize the Russians don’t wish to see slip away, and elements of the 5th Guards Tank Army have been dispatched to stop this lethal German unit once and for all.

Cobbled together in 1943, Regiment Bake has been rushing from crisis to crisis as the military situation in the southern sector of the Eastern front deteriorates, racking up an impressive tally of tactical vcitories and destroyed enemy tanks. Do they have enough fight left for one more breakout?

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