Saturday, March 14, 2009

My, that's a big 'un

New Warhammer 40K "Shadowsword" super-heavy tank... purchased on Tuesday night, built on Wednesday night... one thing I'll say for GW kits, they're easy to put together. This one is going to be painted as an "A7V" homage to go with an Armageddon Steel Legion force done up as Germans from the Great War... stay tuned.


Kevin H said...

How were the tracks for assembly? Was it "easy to work with" sections? --or annoying "link-and-length" like the Chimera and Leman Rus?

Dallas said...

Hey Kev, if I recall correctly there were 12 track sections per side... 6 individual links (3 at each end of the run wrapping around the sprocket/idler) and 6 sections of varying length (between 4 and 8 links each). They were pretty easy to assemble.