Monday, October 21, 2019

Adeptus Titanicus Knights and Legio Krytos Warhounds

It was really inevitable, wasn't it? One Conscript gets into something and seemingly no matter how strong the will to resist, I will get sucked in... but it's all to the good of course because that's our hobby isn't it!!

Anyway, the familiar story plays out again with the latest edition of Games Workshop's Adeptus Titanicus. Released in 2018, the game plays out the giant-robo mayhem of the Horus Heresy, in particular the epic combat between the god-machines of the Collegia Titanica. Conscript Greg was the early adopter in our group, as he is an arch-enthusiast of GW's Epic game and already maintained a Legion or two of "Epic-scale" Titans - have a look at the hashtags on the right-hand side of this page :-)  I'd sold on my own modest collection of Epic Chaos stuff some time ago so didn't really have any skin in the game... or so I thought...

Nevertheless, the thought of an AT project was always kind of percolating... on our trip to the UK earlier this year we visited Warhammer World (as you do) and the AT stuff was of course prominently displayed in the store. The best looking package was the "Battlegroup" consisting of a Warlord, Reaver, and two Warhounds - a snip at a mere hundred English pounds. At the current f/x that was only about $160CAD - a significant saving on the Canadian retail of $200. OK then...

So that stuff sat for a bit on the shelf, then an ad appeared on a local Facebook group for the "Grandmaster Edition" plus all of the books, at a ridiculous discount. So I was all in.

I started off the Titan-building with the two Warhounds. My chosen Legio is Krytos - I wanted to throw in my lot with the Warmaster this time, and Krytos was associated with the Iron Warriors space marine legion so that's a nice fit too.

I ended up magnetising several elements of the models, including all of the weapons and the torso-to-legs joint.

Painting was pretty straightforward. Leadbelcher for the metal bits; Brass Scorpion for the bronze bits; Rakarth Flesh highlighted with Pallid Wych Flesh for the off-white bits; and Vallejo German Uniform for the field-grey bits. The whole was washed with Agrax Earthshade.

Weathering was pretty simple too, just some dusting up the feet and legs with Rakarth Flesh and sponge chipping with a mix of black and Rhinox Hide. Some rust streaks were applied with neat Agrax. The base was painted with Rhinox Hide and drybrushed with Mournfang Brown, Steel Legion Drab, and lastly Rakarth Flesh.

Here's the spare bunch of weapons. Note the messed up cabling on the Gatling... ugh. It turned out that I assembled another weapon set with the Gatlings' cables and the ones left over didn't quite fit them. So I assembled the best I could and cut off the ends of the cables, as they just slide in under the Warhound cowling anyway :-)

I also painted some Knights!

These are Knights of House Caesarean. Again, this Knight house was associated with Legio Krytos and the Iron Warriors space marine legion during the Horus Heresy.

Assembly of the models was straightforward and I didn't bother magnetising them as the kits don't come with spare or alternate weapons - you get three chainfists and a thermal cannon, battlecannon, and Gatling thing - that's it.

I did use the decals included for House Caesarean from the Legio Krytos sheet. The chequered decals are particularly useful!

Painting was also simple. Leadbelcher, XV-88/Averland Sunset, Brass Scorpion, Mechanicus Standard Grey, Nuln Oil wash.

The "House Caesarean" decals as shown on the shoulder plate came in handy as well.

Top view shows the different shoulder armour treatments off to good effect.

So there we go, that's the start of my Adeptus Titanicus project! I still have the Reaver and Warlord from the Battlegroup, plus another Warlord and all the terrain from the Grandmaster box to do, so I'll be at this for awhile. But I really enjoyed painting the Warhounds and am looking forward to doing the Warlords and Reaver.


Greg B said...

Fantastic!! Just great stuff dude, and very glad to see you diving in to the Adeptus Titanicus madness! Can't wait to get these God-machines on to the table...

Michael Awdry said...

They look so cool!

Neil Scott said...

Cool looking models

MFraser said...

Very nice! Hopefully I can get some Legio Ignatum painted up soon.

Wouter said...

Great stuff, I like the weathered look and overal muted colours.

Andrew Bruce said...

Very nice indeed

Take care