Monday, September 2, 2019

30K Iron Hands - Deredeo Dreadnought

Bonkers firepower to support the Loyalists of the 10th Legion!
My summer of 30k painting wrapped up over the Labour Day long weekend - the traditional "end" to summer here in Canada.  I finished - or, mostly finished - one last 30k project at my cabin during the weekend.  This is a Deredeo Class Dreadnought for my growing loyalist forces of the 10th Legion, the "Iron Hands".

A Dreadnought is "crewed" by a Space Marine, one that has already received near-mortal injuries in battle.  The Apothecaries round these poor fellows up, and then assuming they are still alive at a basic level, embed them in Dreadnought armour.  In this way, the direly wounded/nearly dead Marines can continue to serve the Emperor!

Insane auto-cannon array, pumping out tremendous firepower.
Certainly, in the wake of the events in the Istvaan system, the Iron Hands would have no shortage of nearly-dead Marine candidates in which to install into any available Dreadnoughts...

Large ammo cannisters on the rear...just imagine the brass piling up when this thing opens fire!
The Deredeo Class of Dreadnought armour is, as you can readily see, clearly bonkers, armed to the teeth.  Where the Contemptor Dreadnoughts have more of an "all-round" application on the battlefields of the grim future, the Deredeo is there basically to just shoot stuff, and keep shooting until the enemy is gone. Fun!  The autocannons and missiles will put out serious abuse - and if that is not enough, two heavy flamers are recessed in the front of the hull, to blowtorch/purify whatever might still be standing.  It's all very over-the-top, very 30k, and I love it.

Missiles available too, just for fun!

This particular model was acquired from a local hobbyist in Winnipeg who had built and primed it, but decided not to proceed with their 30k project after all.  I was pleased to get it, and glad to add to my growing force of loyalists.  This will be a serious boost in firepower as they seek revenge for their fallen comrades and Primarch.

Looking for some revenge...certainly equipped for the job, 30k-style.
As with many of the models painted at the cabin, this isn't yet completely finished - you can see gloss patches beneath the decals, applied to deal with silvering from the decals.  Those gloss spots will disappear after I apply a layer of Testors Dullcote after I get back home, safe from the high humidity.

Thanks for visiting - I hope everyone has been able to enjoy their Labour Day weekend and their summer!


Neil Scott said...

Great looking model

Simon Quinton said...

Awesome looking model. Nice paint work!

Dallas said...

Great work dude - should come in "handy" for the Tenth Legion!

JamieM said...

Absolutely fantastic job on this clearly bonkers model. You can never have too many massive guns after all.....!

Moiterei_1984 said...

Absolutely over the top as a model but fits the story perfectly! Well done on the painting my friend.

Curt said...

Beautiful paintjob dude! The freakin' thing still looks like a speedboat with legs though...