Wednesday, September 18, 2019

A Few More 10mm Prussians

10mm Prussian infantry for the Franco-Prussian War.  Castings and flag from Pendraken.
Well, the summer is almost finished - although we're getting some AMAZING late summer weather, yay! The work pace usually picks up here after Labour Day, and this year has been no exception.  While work has been busier, the painting pace has slowed, and this month I have been trying to knock off a couple of "pending" items that have been sitting around primed since the spring.  Up first were some 10mm Prussian infantry for the Franco-Prussian War.  These sculpts are from Pendraken.

These fellows are wearing their long coats, so not quite as colourful.
These are part of an slow-but-still-moving-forward effort to run some games using Bruce Weigle's "1871" fast-play grand tactical rules. In this case, each base here would represent a battalion of infantry, and so together the three bases would represent a Prussian infantry regiment.  "1871" can be scaled up or down too, so different permutations are possible - and of course relatively scale/basing agnostic rules systems such as "Black Powder" will work for these figures as well, but for now the goal with these is to play an "1871" game in its basic scale using 10mm figures.

Nice sculpts for 10mm - Pendraken are top-shelf!
I continue to be blown away by how much fun 10mm sized figures are, as well as by the sculpting and casting quality I see in the figures from Pendraken.  They are excellent, a lot of fun to work with and paint.

Ready to advance!
Of course, when looking to play "grand tactical", you are looking towards some larger engagements, and the Franco-Prussian War, even in the relatively short "Imperial Phase", had some very large battles, so this is still pretty slow going - particularly when you add in a lack of focus on my part! But I'm taking a patient approach with this effort...a few bases here and there between 30k things or who-knows-what-else...we'll get to try "1871" eventually :)

Thanks for visiting, I hope you are enjoying the last few days of the summer too!

Up next, more 10mm...but a rather different setting...


Phil said...

Very nicely done, lovely mass effect!

Michael Awdry said...

Incredible! Lovely work Sir.

warpaintjj said...

A fine looking unit & a welcome addition!
How do these compare size wise to Magister Militum & Old Glory? Especially the cavalry?
Best wishes,

Moiterei_1984 said...

Fabulous work Greg! I really can see the appeal of doing the FPW in this scale.

Greg B said...

Thanks very much guys!

@warpaintj - I can't compare with Old Glory, but in terms of comparison to Magister Militum, the Pendraken sculpts are a similar height, but have a touch more heft and, I find, overall some better detail. Both are great, and both provide great service to boot - but for this period, I prefer Pendraken.

Curt said...

They look terrific dude! 10mm is such a great scale to work in.

Andrew Bruce said...

Very nice indeed

Take care