Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Madness begins again...

Well, it's getting close to that time of year once again...  No silly kids, not something so mundane as Christmas Holidays, I am talking about the far more important annual decent into madness that is the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge

This is the 6th year of the challenge run by Curt and my 3rd year entering it.  The last few years have been a lot of fun, although it almost always turns into a lot of work as well.  It is the time of year to actually paint some (and just a small "some") of the various hobby items I have accumulated over the past year in my ADD induced hobby obsession.  I always look forward to this event though as I tend to get as much painting done in the 3 month span of the challenge as I do the entire rest of the year!  So at least it gets me working!

As I do every year, I try to plan out what I want to get done, and then try and prep as much of it as I can before hand so I do not have to clean, base, or prime much during the challenge and instead can focus just on painting. 

This year I have a huge list of things to get done, and added some more to that for a side challenge with Curt regarding modern figures, although I am sure he will destroy me on that front as I only have a small portion of my challenge entries dedicated to modern.  Here is my basic plan so far, I am sure it will change:

My planning sheet, a doomed to fail attempt to keep me on track!
Also, other than figuring out the Theme Week entries and any last minute additions, I think I am almost ready as I have pretty much everything cleaned, assembled, based, and primed as of last night.  The one noticeable exception being the Tau Titan which I am still assembling, but the legs are in there for scale purposes.  He is going to be a big boy :-)

The masses sitting and waiting for the 20th
Once again I am trying to stick with mainly historical units, and not my typical non-challenge time painting sci-fi stuff.  This year I am trying to get through not one, but two Napoleonic 28mm units.  Who knows, at this rate maybe I will have enough for a game before I retire in 13 years. I also have some French WW1 sections to add to my WW1 forces, some WW1 tanks, and more.  Not added to the list or put together yet, but something I would like to potentially get done this year are some additional WW1 Germans (which I have already) to further flesh out WW1 games and some more 30k marines to expand my Death Guard force.  I seriously doubt I will get to them though. 


AHunt said...

Good luck! I'm in the same boat, preparing models and spreadsheets.

Endtransmission said...

The Kingdom Death monsters will be worth more than 5 points each :)

MrLee said...

Best of luck with it.. will be my first year in it, and am hoping to get a ton painted up to play with over the new year.. will see if that happens or not ;)

Looking forward to seeing all your stuff get painted up as well!

TamsinP said...

Best wishes and good luck!

I'm in the prepping stage myself and need to work up a plan - perhaps with a nifty spreadsheet - of how I'll get the painting done.

PatG said...

Plan Schman. Which I will undoubtedly regret saying very shortly. ;)

Greg B said...

Nice plan Byron - but I'm perplexed at all these people using spreadsheets...those don't paint anything :)

DaveV said...

Best of luck, Byron! I will bewatching from the sidelines, due to family issues.

Once things settle down a bit, I can start up a "shadow challenge" of sorts (in no particular order):
Back to work on the Koryu Buntai samurai and some 4Ground buildings for Ronin and Daisho;
PanOceana squad of 11 figures for Infinity;
Finishing a couple more Vanguard (or Hasslefree proxies) for Sedition Wars;
A sword- and shuriken-cannon-armed Wraithknight, to get my 40K Eldar tournament army ready for the Plains of War GT next August.

Millsy said...

"I'm perplexed at all these people using spreadsheets...those don't paint anything"
I wouldn't bet against Miles on that front. His one quite possibly can and does!