Monday, December 21, 2015

Some "Epic" Nostalgia

Cool! All there and unpunched!
 A couple of amazing Ebay scores have arrived in recent weeks as I prepare for the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge (it's already started - check it out! Byron has struck already with a platoon of 15mm Sherman Tanks...), and these have induced some "Epic" nostalgia on my part.  Remember this game???

Lovely nerd flashbacks checking out the box

Remember when GW thought about their games this way?
My big aim in the Painting Challenge this year is to finish 30k stuff - of course I hope a lot of that will be in 28mm, but I have been scouring Ebay in recent months picking up a bit here and a bit there to try and put together a 30k game in Epic - the "format", so to speak, that got the whole thing started.

Epic goodies! Original Space Marine rules, data cards, and most importantly, Space Marines!
This box is a big part of that - has all the old buildings, the old rulers, the old rules and old figures - a truly wonderful find.

Oh yeah! Now THAT is a battle!
Another nostalgia score was a box of old plastic Warlord titans.  GW has continually abused the Warlord Titan with new designs - each one progressively worse, in my (wholly subjective, totally superfluous) opinion.  The ominous, turtle-shell style of these old plastics simply cannot be beat, in my view. It will be great fun to paint up six of these suckers - three loyalists, and three traitors.

Side note - OK the new look warlord in "28mm scale" from Forge World is in fact a lovely design, but since it is not available in Epic sized, I'll disregard that for now :)  

Woohoo! Old time plastic goodness!
One theme in this year's Challenge is "nostalgia" - I usually ignore the theme submissions (they derail my momentum) but a maniple of these old Warlord Titans might just do the trick...

Might even use the void shield wheels, just for fun...
I'm looking forward to getting a few of these bits under the paint brush very soon.  Epic has changed a great deal over the years since this version of the game was released - I'm debating whether to base them in a fashion consistent with my newer approach to the game, or to go whole-hog with the nostalgia and use the old little square bases...we'll see what happens!

So watch for this - and hopefully more - to come in the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge.  As before, I will be posting progress here on our blog do, and I hope participants Byron and Kevin do the same.

All the best, and have a great Christmas!


Iannick said...

Great find! One of the first wargame I ever bought, with my brother. I played Horus, and he played the good guys.

I suspect I will enjoy your Nostalgia entry.

Dallas said...

Excellent scores Greg! Although I suspect you may take issue with Iannick's characterization of Loyalists as "good guys"! ;-)

Greg B said...

Hey there Iannick, we all know Horus and his followers, with their embrace of a bold vision for positive change, were the "good guys" :)

Millsy said...

Holy cow. Unpunched and complete!

David Larkins said...

Fantastic! No Epic for me this year, sadly. My Orks and Titans from last year will be watching your progress closely.

Sylvain said...

Epic was my favorite game for many years. I still have my armies of Imperial Guards, Space Marines, Tyranids, Chaos, Eldars and Orks.

JamieM said...

wow - now that brings it all back..... I had both of those boxes, but they've long since gone on eBay..... which I obviously regret now! Looking forward to seeing them. And square bases for the little fellas. Always :)

Iannick said...

Of course Greg, Hail Horus!

But my brother was young and naive in the ways of galactic politics. I had to tell him the Emperor's own were the good guys ;-)