Sunday, November 17, 2013

Plastic Soldier Company 15mm Sdkfz. 251 halftracks

 Also this weekend I finished up some models that had been languishing: 15mm Sdkfz. 251/1s from PSC.

Anybody who's read Greg's excellent posts or picked up PSC stuff for themselves will know how good these models are. They're accurate, easy to assemble, come with crew, and are cheap. What more do you want?

I hadn't painted a 15mm German for years but the PSC guys made it pretty easy. Looking forward to laying brush to some individually based figures soon.

I modelled the PSC vehicles with removable crew figures so I can represent the section mounted or dismounted. The squad MG looks very purposeful.

In order to minimize the potential for breakage, I glued the AA MG at the rear of the compartment in two spots - at the pintle mount and at the buttstock. Too easy for sticky-out bits to get mangled, I reckon.

Excellent stuff as always from PSC!! The last thing will be to decide whether to base these models on scenic bases. I'm inclined to do as as I enjoy the aesthetic (Greg has convinced me) - but I have a ton of other WW2 stuff and none of the other vehicles are based. Maybe an excuse to toss the lot and start over with PSC ;-)


Greg B said...

Those look great Dallas! Excellent work.

I was hesitant to base 15mm vehicles at first, but I have really come around to it. Re: your old 15mm stuff, I would just base it after the fact - I did this with a chunk of my own WW2 stuff.

Or you can just ignore it too :) I have a large assortment of WW2 North Africa stuff that I haven't based, and likelyhood of getting around to that any time soon is remote...

Phil said...

Great paintjob, love the camo!

Kevin H said...

Really nice work! I love the camo, and how it looks in places, as if it was slapped on with a broom or mop (as was often the case in 'real life!')

Time to dig out my 15mm stuff, I think...