Sunday, November 17, 2013

Otherworld Miniatures Pig-Faced Orcs

Last week I took a notion to complete some long-outstanding miniatures - in fact I'd picked these up at Salute 2012. Yikes.

They are, of course, Pig-Faced Orcs from Otherworld Miniatures, sculpted by the very talented Kev Adams. Those in the know will recall that Kev was responsible for some of the greatest and most characterful models ever produced by Citadel Miniatures, back in the '80s and early '90s.

Anyway, Kev's new venture is producing very tasty models representing "old school" fantasy RPG-type monsters and characters.

 I just love these guys. No idea what I'm going to do with them, so of course I'm ordering more ;-)

I think they'd be great as part of a Mordheim warband or as a warband for some other skirmish-type hybrid RPG/tabletop game. I also really love the "Bederken" range of not-Chaos-Dwarfs and that company has a game called "Skulldred" that I'd love to try.

These guys turned out pretty well but I think I should have cranked up the brightness on the pics a bit. Oh well.

As I mentioned I have more on order from Paizo (if their shopping cart would ever get its act together) so stay tuned for some more - and I promise it won't take a year and a half next time ;-)


Curt C said...

Those are awesome, Dal!

Lee Hadley said...

Nice looking minis.

Greg B said...

Great stuff Dallas. Do you think you would ever pile these together into a Warhammer-Fantasy-style unit?