Friday, December 28, 2012

More Madhists - 28mm Sudan

28mm Sudanese Madhists from Perry
As part of Curt's painting challenge I decided to get some more Madhists into the ranks. After all, you never really have enough for a good colonial game. I did some test models a couple weeks ago - after not touching a Sudan model for years.  Now I am starting to get them cranked out. One of the great things about these painting challenge things is the little shove of motivation that can encourage you to tackle a dusty project - my unpainted Sudan stuff fits the bill perfectly.

This was my second submission - a group of Madhists, some mounted, some on foot.  The mounted contingent includes a high-level Imam, a religious leader for the Madhists.  I know Frederick will be pleased to see another Imam on the table :)

It has been many years since we have played a Sudan game, but the Conscripts still recall that last game well, and how that one Madhist spear man would just not stay down, thanks to his fervent belief in the cause of the Mahdi and the influence of the Imam.

Adding some cavalry to the Madhists will add a neat flavour to the next colonial game we play.  Stay tuned for more bits - for the Madhists and the Imperialists too...


Monty said...

Great work! Happy New Year too! ;)

Rodger said...

Excellent painting and basing Greg!

DeanM said...

Beautiful work on this group of figures. What rules will you likely use for these? I ask because I like these figures and period, but don't want to paint up too many of them. Looks like the way you based them will be for skirmish. Best, Dean

Greg B said...

Thanks guys. Dean - I actually use GW's "Lord of the Rings" game engine, with a couple of additional rules thrown in (volley fire for the British, a few other odds and ends). We play skirmish style games - sometimes very large skirmishes (with 50-60 models) but still a small skirmish compared to scraps like El-Teb or Abu Klea etc.

With a rules set like Black Powder available now I have been considering doing some group-based Madhist war bands and British to try some larger battles, but that would be quite a plunge...we'll see :-)