Monday, December 17, 2012

Federal Gunship - 15mm Sci-Fi

15mm sci-fi gunship from Old Crow
Several weeks ago I finished up a pair of DOE Gunships for my 15mm Nova Respublik troops.  Not wanting to leave my Federal and Control Battalion guys out-gunned I did some air support for them in the form of a gunship from Old Crow.  I finished this a while ago, but forgot about the pictures etc. etc. anyway here are a couple of shots.

Big wings, lean frame on this bird
This model was a breeze to assemble compared to the DOE, and as always the resin was crisp and solid.  It looks cool, but it certainly not as evocative as the DOE. This is the gunship companion to the troop/cargo carrier model that Dallas has done for his 15mm guys.

Size comparison shot with a DOE gunship and some NR troops
Sadly Old Crow is on some kind of hiatus for now (or sad for us, I should say - I think the hiatus is connected to an incredible work opportunity for Jez, so that is good for him!), so these are not exactly available if you are trying to find some air support.  But I understand Rebel Minis has some pretty sharp looking gunship-type flyers in 15mm.

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Grumpy said...

Nice, Greg, very nice! I wish Jez the best too, but I want to order some stuff! Ah well.....