Friday, February 25, 2011

I, Robot

A few quick updates for today. First, in the continuing Rogue Trader buzz, I painted up an RT-era robot.

This model came in an OOP blister pack from E-bay, and it was cheap! OOOH!!! But when I got the blister, I saw why - the arms and body did not match. The body was a "Conqueror", and the arms were from some other model ("Cataphract" or something). Oh well. A robot is a robot. The Rogue Trader robot rules are a byzantine suck-fest regardless, so this thing will just end up counting as some kind of dreadnought in a game, and the technicalities of which arms it has won't matter.

The robot is armed with a bolter, a flamer and a melta-gun. That thing on its back might be a jump pack too.

Being an Imperial construct, it probably runs Windows XP. I would imagine the Adeptus Mechanicus geeks would also have built a wi-fi hotspot into it somewhere, so nearby officers can use their Ipads without have to pay cellular data overage and roaming charges to Imperial Telecom Services...


Colonel Kane said...

Very cool indeed! I think you're overestimated the technical abilities of the Ad Mech though - it probably runs on Windows 40,000 and has a 'plug and pray' data-core interface rather than the heretical wi-fi tech you speak of :-)

Dallas said...

Very nice!! Next is to spend a few evenings writing the programs, right? ;-)