Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Thursday Game - Come out and get hammered

Hey lads,

This Thursday we will be rolling out Warhammer Fantasy Battle again - this time a special scenario from GW featuring Warhammer rulebook "cover model" Harry the Hammer.

I happened to pick up an old OOP model of Harry in a lot of eBay Chaos Warriors so I thought I'd paint him and run this scenario. It basically pits Harry and his Chaos warband against a horde of undead emerging from a long-ruined ancient city. Oughta be fun!

See you at my place, 7:30pm start.




Curt said...

That a great model. Good job!

Greg B said...

Love those "classic" finds on E-bay.

DaveV said...

Cool mini.

Yay for eBbay. The RT-era Aspect Warriors that I haven't traded for locally have come from eBay.

Vulture said...

Very cool ! :)