Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Incredible (Space) Hulk

"Ummm... you might want to turn around sloooowly..."

Thursday's game was Space Hulk. What a blast this game is. No army lists, killer codices, or special rules (well not many anyway), just a straightforward, fun, "bang you're dead", bugs vs. Humanity's only hope tabletop game.
And the best part for me is, it looks great to play with minimum set-up time. I did fast paint jobs on the 'Stealers a couple years back and I have more than enough for pretty much any scenario. The Blood Angels Terminators are from the original Terminator metal boxed set and are based on scenic resin bases, just because ;-)
Anyway we had time for two scenarios from the basic game (using 2nd ed. tiles as fans will immediately recognize). In the first game Greg, Dave V. and John C. hot-rolled their way to a convincing victory for humankind over the Genestealers, run by Brian and Perry. In the second game I joined in with Perry running Terminators as we got thumped by 'Stealer players Greg and Dave.
The two scenarios were quite different and I would submit, each favoured one side. The first game had the Terminators defending a room from onrushing 'stealers and played to the human strength of overwatch. The second game required the Terminators to move across the board to an exit and favoured the Genestealers' speed. Both were fun. Here's some pics!
A pic from Game 1 with the Terminators defending the room at top left.

"Terminators - form square!!"

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Greg B said...

I will not roll that well again for months...