Thursday, June 29, 2017

Bad Moon Orks

I took custody of an old Ork army from a friend of mine. They had been somewhat neglected and I'm in the process of rehabilitating them. I've made several purchases since. After plugging in some numbers with the new index book, I'm starting to think I've overdone it as I'm well over 2000 points and haven't even added in the most expensive units.Yellow is tricky, but I learned a lot about painting it doing working on these guys.

This was supposed to be the start of a new project, but I've been seduced by 30k. Seeing Greg and Dallas assemble MK III models from the Prospero box (Greg should be receiving commission by now) I ordered a bunch of stuff from Ebay and decided to jump in. Ever resistant to change and preferring the status quo, I've opted for Imperial Fists. I figured another Loyalist Legion was needed and they would complement the Blood Drinkers Dallas has painted up for what may one day be a Battle of Terra game. Below is an unfinished test model.


Greg B said...

Great stuff Mike! Yellow is a very, very difficult colour (at least for me) and the yellows here look really, really sharp. Well done!

And welcome to the 30k mayhem!! Looking forward to seeing some Imperial Fists on the table from you!

Dallas said...

Outstanding! Love the yellow, and great weathering on the Warbus too. FIST OF DORN!!

ByronM said...

Looks awesome Mike and just in time! Seems that Orks are actually viable for the first time in a long time in 40k with the new edition!