Monday, June 26, 2017

More Troops for Prospero

More defenders of Prospero - archivists with guns!

Here in the Canadian prairies we always like to say summer can be "brief".  Usually we mean three months or so. Little did I realize that it was apparently only going to last two weeks this year...even though "summer" officially arrived last week, we have been enduring a miserable extended period of way-below-normal daily temperatures, rain and generally sh*t conditions...seriously weather, just f*ck off.

Veteran sergeant sporting plasma pistol and that ubiquitous symbol of military officers everywhere - the power fist!

Anyway, it sure has cranked up the painting output at bit! Here is my second squad of troops from the XV Legion, the Thousand Sons.  This is another veteran tactical squad, clad in Mark III power armour.  They have a heavy bolter and a meltagun for support.  These are plastic models from GW's "Burning of Prospero" boxed game.

Meltagunner toward the right, surrounded by his fellow tactical squad troopers

These plastic Mk III figures are just great, a lot of fun to hobby around with and I have really enjoyed painting them up.

Another look at some of the troopers - decals come with the box kit, and are great

Heavy bolter, ready to rip things up on the left. Regular trooper on the right.

Is that lazy lighting in my photo? Or the flash of a shell being fired by the Space Wolves?

These fellows will join the first squad I completed a couple of weeks ago in the doomed defence of their home world from the assault of the Space Wolves and assorted elements of the Emperor's Censure Fleet.  Up next: some Tartaros Terminators.


Michael Awdry said...

Very nice indeed Greg.

Curt said...

They look superb Greg!

john de terre neuve said...

Very nicely done Greg.


JamieM said...

Great stuff Greg, you have far more patience than me for all that gold edging....