Monday, May 1, 2017

Alpha Legion Heavy Support Squad

Missiles anyone? Heavy support for the Alpha Legion

Blowing sh!t up in the 30th millenium is quite the task, one that Space Marine Legions take very seriously.  Often they rely on scary vehicle or whacky dreadnoughts.  For city-sized wrecking jobs, they have their friends in the Titan Legions.  But often a job you do yourself in the most satisfying, so when the foot-slogging elements of a Space Marine Legion want to blow something up real good, they deploy heavy support squads. Here is one such unit for my slowly-growing Alpha Legion collection, armed with missile launchers.

After all, why fire one missile launcher at something when you can fire five missile launchers at something, right? I love 30k :)

Unit sergeant with his whacky comb - love the Mark IV Marines!

Forge World shoulder pauldrons are wonderful

These are plastic models from the "Betrayal at Calth" box set, augmented with shoulder pauldrons and transfers from Forge World.  I really love the plastic Mark IV Space Marines and since I purchased too many of them, I ended up with enough missile launchers to outfit a whole squad. So I just went with it...

Decals from the Alpha Legion transfer sheet
What is extra fun about these particular sculpts is that they are a shout-out to the original "shark fin" style missile launcher from the Rogue Trader days! It is great to see these little shout-outs throughout the whole line of Horus Heresy figures from GW, and definitely adds to the fun for a nerd like me!

While I love the old RTB-01 plastic marines, I have to say these were a little easier to assemble...these kits are quite fabulous.

What is the target? Loyalists? Other rebels? You never know for sure with the Alpha Legion...

Ready for action on the table...

To achieve true Legion-era excess, this should be a 10-man group sporting missile launchers, but, insane as I am, even I only have so many plastic Mark IV Marine sets, so five will do for now! Plus, I'm sure these guys will be able to blow up all sorts of stuff with five missiles launchers, right??


Laffe said...

Nice work. I love the old style missile launchers too!

Curt said...

Awesome work dude! I love the old school shark-fin launcher. 10 of them? Owch.

Wouter said...

I agree, the charm of these old missile launchers and mkIV suits is undeniable.