Thursday, May 11, 2017

Yu Jing - Imperial Service Judge

Finished the "Dragon Lady", a 32mm scale High Value Target figure from Corvus Belli, for the sci-fi skirmish game Infinity. This example is an Imperial Service Judge from the Yu Jing faction.

From the Infinity rules:
"The HVT (High Value Target) represents a non-combatant character belonging to the enemy side and placed on the game table as the target of Classified Objectives.

The deployment of one of these models is compulsory for both players, as their presence and interaction with other models in-game has consequences for the achievement of Classified Objectives when playing scenarios."

HVT's can be secured, scanned, spotted, inoculated with noxious compounds, retro-engineered, their cyber-brains can be hacked, etc; loads of fun!

Someone online complained about how most people didn't paint their HVT's. He said that this figure should rather spur you to your best efforts, since it won't change much from game to game, though the composition of your fighting force will.

Mostly painted in oils, with some Citadel Washes. I painted the dress mostly in Cadmium Red oil paint, highlighting with Cadmium Scarlet. Again, I went with a darker palette for her skin tones.


The resin base is from Dragon Forge Design. It was finished with Vallejo washes and weathering powders.



For her sun parasol, I went with more of a Japanese theme, freehand painting cherry blossoms falling from branches. The parasol is 17mm across.


Group shot with my other Yu Jing figures.


In-game shots:




Lasgunpacker said...

Wow, I thought that the other Infinity figures you posted were good... this one blows them all away.

This is tremendously good. That parasol!

Makes me wish that CB could/would make more civilians.

Phil said...

Wonderful painting on a so elegant model, great job!

Curt C said...

Lovely work Dave!

Dallas said...

Amazing work as always Dave!

DaveV said...

Thanks, everyone!

@lasgunoacker, Corvus Belli provides an HVT for most of the factions.

Also, their Mission Packs each include a civilian figure, which you can sometimes also find singly on eBay, etc.

Lasgunpacker said...

Thanks Dave, I will take a look.