Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Gothic Ruined Buildings from SG2 Creations

Conscript Byron leads a double triple life: IT pro by day, ace painter and gamer by night, and laser-cut MDF design maniac when it's night in some other time zone ;-)
So when I asked Byron to design some Gothic-looking ruined buildings for our big Heresy game/mini campaign this summer, of course he obliged, big style. Just look at these beauties!
Interior floors are detailed with a chequer pattern, for some added visual interest. Byron included some extra bricks to pile up on the floors, and I applied some texture after gluing them down in place.

The buildings were easy to assemble, as Byron designs the pieces to slot together. You can use wood glue or regular white glue to bond the parts. There's lots of parts to them but assembly is straightforward and quick.

Nice, eh? I spray-primed with flat black Krylon paint and then hit it from above with grey spray paint. The decorative bricks on the exterior and the chequered floor were painted with GW Rakarth Flesh acrylic. Floors and bricks were washed with GW Nuln Oil and drybrushed.

I also applied some powders to the buildings to weather them a bit.

Bits from the bits box give a bit of Imperial flavour.

This was the first one I did - before I realized I should have added the rubble before priming. No worries, I cut a few scraps of plasticard for bases, then textured on top op those. Scatter terrain for the inside of the building.

Just for kicks I did one building with contrasting flooring.

"Imperium Apartments"?


The buildings are a good size for gaming - here's an Imperial Knight and some Renegades for scale.

Byron did a fantastic job on these buildings, and there's more on the way - he's designing a longer building with a lower rise for some urban contrast, as well as some "corners" to match the ruins shown here. They may not be on the website yet, but you can visit SG2 Creations to see all of Byron's MDF wizardry for yourself. Price of the buildings is TBA but will be more than competitive. Highly recommended!


Greg B said...

Greg work on these Dallas. Fitting ruins for the encounter between the enlightened scions of Horus and the lost dupes of the False Emperor...

Curt said...

Wonderful work Byron and Dallas! The buildings look brilliant, but you're right, they could probably use a bit of rubble along the walls' footings to finish them off. Byron has done a lot of stuff for me this past year and I can heartily recommend his products. (This reminds me that he did-up a bunch of 20mm WWII row houses (Italian Theater) for me which I need to get off my duff and complete...)

ByronM said...

Thanks for the grwat review Dallas and awesome work on the painting.

A hint for rubble... Grab some old spue, chop it up randomly, put a big pool of white glue down, drop the sprue in, the cover with sand and let dry, then shake off. It provides piles really fast that look great and random.

Kevin Holland said...

Damn, that Byron does good work! Great painting too, Dallas!

Simon Quinton said...

They look fabulous! I like all the extras you've added certainly adds that bit more realism especially the tiled floors.