Thursday, November 22, 2012

Extremely Belated Battle Report - "Siler Road" - 15mm Sci-Fi

Federal armour in a village - what could go wrong?
Following on Dallas and Mike's cool game from last week, I wanted to belatedly post some pictures of a game Mike F and I played four weeks ago, pitting the Nova Respublik and their new DOE gunships against the sinister Control Battalion.  There are a bunch of pictures in this post, validating Dallas' recent assessment of my blog "style".

Control Battalion, pre-game
Federal column advances, led by Siler tanks
Nova Respublik Motor Fuzileers enter the table to launch their counter-attack
For rules we used Bolt Action (Brian - at least we are not using Lord of the Rings :).  The scenario involved a Nova Respublik counter-attack against a Federal Army spearhead led by a pair of Siler tanks.  I wasn't that specific other than the Nova Respublik wanted to stop/slow/knockout the Silers.  Really the game was an excuse to roll out the DOE gunships and Silers!
Control Battalion infantry advance behind their Claymore APC
Control Battalion mortar teams set up for the firefight
The DOE makes the first visit - ouch for the Federals...
Mike F took the Nova Respublik side, and I played the Control Battalion.  Here are a bunch of pictures of the game. Short game summary - lots of stuff blew up, and while Mike generally failed his rolls to even have his air support arrive (unlike Dallas, who failed his air support rolls in our game the following week to decimate his own attack), when the DOEs did show up, it was pretty devastating.
A DOE lines up Control Battalion targets
DOE propaganda 
The Siler suffers DOE pains - the hits immobilized the tank!
The Control Battalion doesn't feel pain - lucky for them...
Another aerial photo - note the ultra-aggressive advance of the Nova Respublik APC at the bottom
The Silers were tough - meeting out a lot of punishment - also missing a lot.  But they put out some serious abuse on the Nova Respublik armoured vehicles.  However, they were stopped, so the game ranks as a win for Mike - although one with a pretty steep cost in toasted NR vehicles and troops.

This squad was feeling pretty good (in as much as the Control Battalion "feels" anything) until the DOE came 
Another view of the carnage in the village
Control troops huddle in the ruins
Siler dishing out the pain! 
Immobilized Siler still exacts a toll...
Close up of a Nova Respublik Red Eagle - Siler bait
It was fun to get the DOEs out on the table for a first game! Thanks for Mike F for coming out for the game.


Mr. Harold said...

Great pictures, looks like it was a lot of fun...

Curt said...

Great looking game Greg! How did you reflect the DOE in Bolt Action?

Gunrunner said...

Fantastic looking game, terrain, minis and photos!

Barks said...

Very cool, thanks!

Greg B said...

Thanks guys. Curt - we used the DOE as an air strike for the Nova Respublik side, but gave it the option as a "mission" to drop off troops instead. Mike opted for the DOEs to do attack runs instead of troop movements...

Curt said...

'Mike opted for the DOEs to do attack runs instead of troop movements...'

Gee, I can't imagine why. Oh, wait, all those columns of smoke and pillars of fire are giving me a hint to his strategy! ;>

Again, great game!