Monday, October 11, 2010

"Did you have a f#$%& stroke?!?"

This was Conscript Greg B.'s reaction when I mentioned that I was working on a Warhammer 40K Skyshield landing pad with LED lighting... not exactly what I was going for, but fair play.  In the realm of Insane Projects, I think LED-lit terrain is right up there.  However it's something I've always thought might be pretty cool to actually do.

The kit is a standard Skyshield from GW, lit with four LEDs powered by an onboard 9V battery.  The lighting itself was very easy to build,  I purchased it in components from for about $15 total.  The slickest part was the pre-wired switch with 9V battery terminal - the individual LEDs just wire straight into it.  I may post more detailed photos with a write-up if there's interest.

In the meantime, "Valkyrie Eagle Seven, you are cleared for vector to pad 123675." ;-)


DaveV said...

Great work, Dallas! Very striking piece of terrain.

Maybe I can light up one of those new Fire Prism kits...

Greg B said...

LED terrain, videos on the blog - man - it's getting hard to keep up!

Great work dude.

BionicPerry said...


John Adkins said...

Very nice. This is something I have long wanted to get into. Color me inspired!

Kevin H said...

Pretty slick! Is it big enough to land a Valkyrie?

Dallas said...

>Is it big enough to land a Valkyrie?

But of course! That's pretty much what it was designed for... came out at the same time as Planetstrike and the plastic Valks.

B said...

Hey Dallas,
There are three sizes of LED on

Which size did you use for the landing lights?

By the way, genius idea :)

Dallas said...

Hi B!

Sorry I'm so late with a reply to your comment, I just found the package from the LEDs I used.

I used the "3mm" Flash units. Hope that helps!