Thursday, April 4, 2019

Imperial Militia

I decided to post all my completed units thus far for my Imperial Militia army, The Inferaltii Hussars. They served the Emperor during the Unification Wars, Great Crusade and Horus Heresy. I've used infantry from Anvil Industry and vehicles from GW. I've also scavenged vehicles from other sources which are offered at a slightly better price point! Some of these units were completed during Curt's 9th Painting Challenge. I had hoped to add a few more units during the challenge but work and illness dashed those plans right at the tail end.

Here's the stuff from the challenge:
These represent Imperial Armada troops who will be brought in by the Hussars to operate the artillery. From Anvil Industry

Quad-multilasers and Laser Destroyer from Kromlech

Imperial Militia can be given special Provenances of war which allow units to have Rhino's

Grenadier unit with Laslocks

Reconnaissance unit with sniper rifles
For heavy support I painted a squadron of Leman Russ Battle Tanks and for transport an Arvus Lighter. The Forgeworld model for the lighter is far too expensive for what it is and looks like a Star Trek shuttle craft. I wasn't interested in it, so I picked up a much cooler model from Mantic Games to represent the Arvus. My only complaint with the Mantic model is they went with the tiltrotor for propulsion. I guess it doesn't fly through space.

Leamn Russ tanks with battlecannon and twin -lascannon

The Hornet from Mantic Games. It will be used as an Arvus Lighter.

The troop compartment opens, but I was lazy and didn't bother with painting it.


Millsy said...

Very nice indeed! Really like that sharp red/black colour palette.

Wouter said...

Great show, especially your red colourscheme is quite striking.

Greg B said...

Great work on these guys Mike. I love that landing craft!! As you say, much cooler than the Arvus model from Forge World.

Dallas said...

Excellent work!

Curt said...

I'm with Greg, wonderful work and that Corvus is a very cool piece of kit.