Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Knights for "Adeptus Titanicus"

New Knight models for GW's reboot of "Adeptus Titanicus"
A few more models for "Adeptus Titanicus" in this post - a group of Knights (organized into "banners").  These fellows were finished off over the Thanksgiving long weekend, thankfully before I fell into a turkey-consumption-induced coma. 

As I have mentioned before, I have no particular interest in the barmy back story of the so-called "Knight Houses", so I threw together a colour scheme, picked out decals that I liked, and threw it all together over the space of a few hours' painting.  These fellows will fight for the loyalist side in the games.  As loyalists, they believe in a so-called 'Emperor', and are fated to be crushed into dust by the righteous God-Engines fighting in the name of Horus Lupercal, the beloved Warmaster!

An incredible amount of detail on these small plastic models. 
These little plastic kits are well designed, with quite a lot of detail that will reward you if you take the time.  I didn't do that so much - these were fairly quick paint jobs - but one thing that is just so ace about the new kits is the decals! The decal sheets for the Knights are excellent, and I made liberal use of them with this trio. 

"For the Emperor!" Fools...
With these three fellows painted, I have finished all of the combat units from my box set (two Warlord Titans and six Knights). A "banner" of Knights in the new version of the "Adeptus Titanicus"game contains at least three Knights, but can include more.  I do have a few more of these models, but they will wait as for now I am keener on expanding the Titan part of the collection.  

The decals that come with the kits are a huge bonus - there is no way all that would be do-able by freehand painting, or be worth the time even if I had that skill...
Some new plastic Reaver Titan kits arrived late last week to help that along.  I got started assembling the Reavers during the course of the weekend, and hope to have them finished before too long.  The Reaver models are quite nice, and one thing I appreciate is the greater variety of weapon selection available with the Reaver kits.  And one particularly nice touch is the variability of the power fist - the fist can be open or clenched - very cool!

There are a few challenges too - I'm no fan of all the hoses, particularly the hose connections between the weapons (which, strangely, are specific to one weapon and one arm, acting as a limit to the ways you can configure the Reavers).  My advice - just ignore the hoses all together.

WIP showing the new plastic Reaver Titan kits from GW. 
Curiously, GW even seems to realize the hoses for the weapons are dumb, and the instructions give alternate assembly options where the hoses are not used on the weapons.  Of course, the instructions try to convey this using 3D Pictionary-style depictions rather than any clear communication, but you'll figure it out quickly enough.  I have hoses on these first two models, but they will be the last.

There is also no straightforward approach to magnetizing the weapons on the Reaver kit, which is a bit baffling, considering this was done on the Warlords.  It can still be done if you are any good with magnets (see Curt's brilliant example here), but I don't have time to waste flopping around with magnetic nonsense. If the designers make it easy, so be it, but they did not with the Reavers, so the weapons on these fellows will be fixed in place.  

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Simon Quinton said...

Stunning job on them!

AmyC said...

The knights look brill and a good start on the Reavers. I too was baffled by the lack of magnet sockets for the Reavers, as ever, Games Workshop works in strange and mysterious ways!

tim said...

Awwwww! They're so cuuuuute! I bet they think they'll be a titan when they grow up!

Seriously, though. Love the colour scheme. They'll do the corpse emperor proud dying for him!

Moiterei_1984 said...

Well done Greg! I'm not really into the current 40k or 30k lore, thus I don't know a thing about the knights background, but your colour scheme certainly looks the part.