Thursday, March 2, 2017

Imperial Guard Re-paint

Been some time since I posted. A 3 year old combined with shift work definitely means slow progress on the hobby front. I've finished some small projects since then, but I wanted to showcase the largest one I've completed since Robyn was born. Most of the models are from my Future Brits, but with new heads from Pig Iron. Many of the vehicles are from other non-GW model lines that have been re-purposed to stand in for the transports. These had been acquired on past impulse buys and had no particular project in mind. I did however, go with GW for the MBT's.
 The Leman Russ tanks all painted with a Russian theme. Simple, but anything more complex would likely have never been completed.
 I used Pig Iron transports for the Chimera's. One squad of 3rd edition Stormtroopers are being used as Veterans.
 The platoon command squad and inf squads in Taurox APC's. I got these models from Antenocitis Workshop before they ditched their model line to make terrain for Infinity. The turrets have been adapted to sport twin autocannons.
 Puppets war Dragon fly and Hornet fighter stand in for Vulture and Thunderbolt. The Hornet is a great little model. No aerodynamic qualities and enough thrusters for a 747. Very I.G.
 Had to get on of these.
 My Command squad. The guy in red is a commissar. Not sure who made him. The guy with the peak hat is the Commander. I also can't remember the company, but he's marketed as Space Rommel.
 Heavy Weapons and a "Sherman" Hellhound. The turret is GW though.
Another veteran squad with camo.
Currently working through some long neglected projects. My goal is to start a Bad Moon Ork army by summer.


Lasgunpacker said...

Great work. The Russian green for tanks is a very easy, but striking look, and as you say, the best way to get them done!

That red guy is from Void or one of its spin offs.

Greg B said...

Well done Mike! Some great stuff in there.

Dallas said...

Gotta love Space Rommel! Great work Mike!

Baconfat said...

A very nice army. The heads you used for the vets and regulars are a vast improvement. The fighter is quite cool.

Zzzzzz said...

Excellent army. I'm a big fan of using alternative models for iggy armies.