Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Epic 30k - Imperial Fist Artillery, Infantry and Command

VII Legion additions for my Epic 30k forces

Flipping back and forth once again on the Epic 30k painting - last entry had Sons of Horus, so for this entry I'm back to the VII Legion, Rogal Dorn's Imperial Fists.  As with the Sons of Horus, we have some artillery support, but there is also some additional infantry and a command base.

To help the officer (either a Centurion or a Praetor) stand out on the table I mounted the command group on a round base. 
Preator ready to fight the traitors!
My photo skills suck - apologies...

Really like the anachronistic standard bearers in Space Marin Legion command units...
Command figures can be very useful in Epic, helping to remove blast markers and even tipping the balance in an important firefight or close combat encounter.  But in Epic there are a large number of scary weapons about on the table - this guy won't last too long if he gets hit with, say, the mega-bolters from a Titan.  So important to be a little careful with these command stands.

Boring, but they get the job done - tactical stands and Rhino APCs

There are a couple of tactical squads and two rhinos to carry them around.  A basic element for the Epic Space Marine Legion forces is the tactical detachment of 8 stands plus Rhino APCs.  This group of four will now round out my VII Legion collection so they can field two basic tactical detachments - good building blocks for an Epic force.

This amounts to half of a basic detachment in an Epic game

Moving along, here is a solitary Whirlwind rocket launcher.  As with the Sons of Horus in the last entry, this lone vehicle was painted to provide a fourth launcher to complete a battery of vehicles to support the Imperial Fists.

A Space Marine classic - the Whirlwind rocket launcher

This one vehicle will join three others already painted to make a complete battery of four launchers

And more long range artillery, a battery of Legion Basilisks.  These long range guns will provide some heavy firepower to back up the VII Legion on either defence or attack.

Basilisk battery for VII Legion

These models really make me think of the German "Hummel" from WW2

This group will bring some pain to those to who turn from the light of the Emperor!
Well, that's a fair bit of yellow stuff...still more Epic 30k stuff to paint, just not sure where to go next with it...but stay tuned for more! 


Neil Scott said...

Some nice work

Curt said...

Love those heavy guns Greg. Wonderful work!

Dallas said...

Was it the Tyrant of Badab who famously said, "big guns never tire"...?

James Martin said...

Love this epic 30k stuff, where do you get the models from?

Pete. said...

Superb work.



Moiterei_1984 said...

Awesome Greg. I can't get enough of your epic stuff.

Millsy said...

I just never get tired of your Epic stuff Greg. Smashing stuff over and over again!

Ned Noodle said...

Looking forward to more epic, awesome work.

Pintallas said...

where did you get those models I need them!!!!!!! Please !!!!

dakka said...

hello !! where did you find these wonderfull mini ???