Monday, January 5, 2015

Ork Stompa!

Finally... the Ork Stompa that's been a work-in-progress for almost a year, is complete. As with most projects of this ilk, all it took was a block of time and a concerted effort to just get the bloody thing done.
The kit was built pretty much straight from the box, with a few exceptions. I cut off one of the horns to simulate some battle damage, and added a RT-era commander for the top crew hatch.

It's heavily armed as well, with an assortment of rockets and missiles to compliment the giant Gatling cannon...

Of course the model needed to be heavily weathered so I busted out nearly every technique in the toolbox. Washes, streaking, sponge chipping, drybrushing, mud stick, liquid Rust Effect and pigment powders all were used.

I rather enjoy the expression on this little fellow's face as he defiantly flips off the enemy.


Ladder at the rear of the vehicle allows passengers to embark and alight.

Ol' Rusty.

Another little guy hanging from the power cable.

That's "Josork Goebbels" holding forth from the crow's nest.

The sheer size of the model becomes apparent when compared to some other 40K heavy hitters. That's a super-heavy Shadowsword tank in the foreground and an Imperial Knight beside the Stompa.

I really think we'll need to roll out the Reaver Titan to give the Stompa a real challenge...

Although I have more crew-orks to paint if I want to, I'm considering this model to be done for now. It was a pretty cool build but honestly I'm happy to see the back of it and get it on the table. The sheer amount of red paint it took was staggering - basecoating took most of the time in painting. Once it got to the weathering stage it was more enjoyable, but I think the sheer size and scale of the thing made it a little daunting from the fun perspective.

In any case, we can all look forward to its (undoubtedly disastrous) debut on the tabletop! 


Stuart S said...

Great job a real labour of love, but yes I suspect it will succumb to the curse of freshly painted figures.

Laffe said...

Lovely! I have just started to assemble mine and I'm going absolutely bonkers over the horrendous instructions. You can hardly see what some of the parts are, and it's impossible to make out where the dotted lines are pointing at.

I'm doing it in various subassemblies and I may swap some things around, especially those missiles will probably be mounted in a different place.

I love your old school commander btw.

Greg B said...

That is just awesome! Can't wait to see that in action on the table!

Ian said...

Sometimes you just see something beyond belief this is one of those times, great great work


Dallas said...

Thanks guys! Glad it's been inspirational. It'll be in action this Thursday so stay tuned for a battle report after that ;-)