Wednesday, September 10, 2014

World Eaters Support Squad Finished

World Eaters Tactical Support Squad
 Here in the Canadian prairies we speak of summers being brief or short - and it looks like we are lowering the bar again in 2014.  After such a brief summer, the dread winter siege is already looming to the west. At least I made the most of my summer vacation at the end of August - and I even managed a bit of painting while I was away! Up first for show, I finished the World Eaters Tactical Support squad that I had started earlier in August.

Mark IV armour suits on these Marines
The figures are all 28mm Space Marines from Forge World - they are equipped with Mark IV power armour. All of these troops, with the exception of the officer, are armed with Volkite Calivers, exotic weapons of the Horus Heresy era.  I don't know if they will be much good in the game, but they sure look cool, and that's key.

Volkite Calivers...they look really eerie, very cool - excellent sculpts from Forge World
I was very rusty painting the models, or at least it felt that way.  I was probably distracted by being at the lake. In particular, it was tough to make the white armour look "right" - on some of them it looks a little streaky.  And I really struggled to apply the weathering consistently.

The embossed shoulder pads are great - and as I have said before, addictive
I want the Marines to look a bit worn, like they have seen action.  But with weathering I always struggle on the "less is more" test.  Not so bad when you go a bit overboard on tanks, but it was hit and miss on these guys, particularly with white armour.  Oh well - you have to practise to improve, right? Besides, as a group, it turned out OK.

For the, what? Sorry - I meant, for Horus!!
This squad brings my current World Eaters force to 39 troops - hardly apocalypse-worthy, and not quite ready for prime time.  They will need a dreadnought or two, and some vehicles.  I am going to add more infantry, at least one assault squad, I think, and maybe some more devastator-type troops.  In the interim, this might do OK for a Rogue Trader game at some point, just to get the minis "blooded" on the table.

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Millsy said...

Wonderful stuff once again Greg. Any chance of a "family group shot"?