Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Chemical Commies - And Return of Primer Rage

Funny smell? No worries - the Chemical Commies are safe...
More Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge stuff.  This is a group of Soviet troops in MOPP gear from Eureka.  They are 28mm castings from the special-weapon section of the range - two RPGs, on PK machine gunner and one fellow with a flame thrower.  These troops are known with affection among our group as the "Chemical Commies".

RPG guy on the left shows some effect from bad primer
MOPP gear is very terrifying to see, and the Soviet MOPP gear has to be one of the scariest-looking of the scary.  They are really fun figures to paint, and they were the first purchase of what created a still-unmatched bout of collection escalation amongst the Fawcett Avenue gamers. 

Chemical Commie RPG troops
The fun in this instance was spoiled somewhat by bad primer.  Longer time blog readers may recall that I previously had a run-in with Krylon primer.  Well, that was almost a year ago.  I was out of my "go-to" spray primer, so I thought - what the heck, it's been a year, that must have been a bad batch, I should lighten up and try Krylon again, right?


Flamethrower and PKMG - perfect for everything from NATO to Zombies
Fortunately I was able to somewhat save these figures.  Some Perry Hussars were not so luck (see a later post for that).  So f*ck you Krylon, and the horse you rode in on.


Allison M. said...

I'm pretty sure the Combine's masks in Half-Life 2 were based on Soviet NCB kit. Very disturbing. I like these minis, I actually think I have one randomly kicking around somewhere. I should paint him up, since they can turn out so nicely :)

The Angry Lurker said...

Damn you Krylon, lovely work by the way!

Ray Rousell said...

Great work Greg, shame about the undercoat!

Simon Quinton said...

Saying that they look marvellous, Really nice paint scheme. I hand prime all my figures as I don't trust sprays.

Dallas said...

dude... WTF???

I just primed some PSC halftracks with Krylon in the cold basement a couple days ago with no problems. Do you always buy Krylon at the same place? Maybe their stock is bad?

Greg B said...

Dallas - I think Krylon just hates me...they are paying me back for the bad PR lat time around :-)

Jay said...

Neat sculpts and really neat painting! Seeing these troops for the 1st time, I have some ideas how to use them, and not as commies. Thanks.

Chuckaroobob said...

Nice figs!

I've had issues with Krylon too, and even more recently Rustolium primer. 3 cans in a row all sucked. Gave up on them.